UPDATED DECEMBER 3, 2020—IN STORE SHOPPING SATURDAY DECEMBER 5, 9:30a-3:00p, Fine Arts Building. Complete Safety APP questionnaire (click on this announcement to complete it) and temperature screening required prior to entering building. The MSJ School Store is generally closed for in-person shopping during Covid-19 restrictions unless you have an appointment. Online shopping here is the best option with free curbside delivery to your car (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.) CURBSIDE PICKUP INSTRUCTIONS: Park in front circle of MSJ, stay in car, call 410-644-3300 x2332, we will bring the order to you. Or choose USPS shipping directly to your home. If you need to make ALTERNATIVE PICKUP ARRANGEMENTS, please contact me at the email address below as soon as possible. We can plan for “main office pickup” in Ryken Hall Building during regular office hours leading up to the holiday, 8:30a-3:00p, Monday through Friday. IN STORE SHOPPING, returns or exchanges by appointment only. Check in at main office in Ryken Hall, temperature screen and visitors pass required to enter any building on campus. The MSJ School Store is located in the Fine Arts Building. TDONOVAN@MSJNET.EDU

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