Happy New Year from the MSJ School Store! As we roll into 2021, online shopping remains the safest way to shop and keep foot traffic on campus to a minimum. The Fine Arts Center store location will be accessible on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to students and staff who have been prescreened. All others who wish to shop in person will need an appointment, screening, and visitor’s pass prior to entering the store. It’s always best to contact Mount St. Joseph High School via phone prior to arriving on campus as miscellaneous calendar changes do occur. Please direct your store inquiries to tdonovan@msjnet.edu Thank you for supporting the MSJ School Store.


The history of the MSJ Store is vague prior to the 1990s. We know there was a small store located in the Cafeteria at one time as well as a closet in Saint Joseph Hall.

Since 1994, the main MSJ School Store has been located in the lobby of the Fine Arts Building. In 2006, an online apparel store was launched. The Smith Center, dedicated in 2014, is home to a second smaller satellite store which is only open during special events.